Dealing With Author Envy, by Jenn J McLeod

A wonderful blog.

Writing Novels in Australia

It’s not easy being green. By green I am, of course, referring to writer jealousy and…


I just heard a united scraping of chair legs as writers everywhere start exiting the building.


Because of that big white elephant in the room; the one that, in this case, is actually varying shades of green.

So what is it about this white/green elephant in the room thingy that sends writers scurrying rather than discussing; preferring to bury their head in their keyboard rather than look in the mirror and say: “Yes, that big white/green elephant thing is messing with my head. I have to do something.”

For convenience I’m going to call this ‘thing’ The Blob and I challenge any writer with a publishing dream to admit they’ve never battled this horrid creature of the subconscious.

I’m happy to stand up and say: “My name is Jenn and it’s been…

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